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CAN endorses Chukwunwike, urges him to seek reelection

Venerable Christian Okonkwo, the Aniocha South president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has assured the executive chairman of Aniocha South, Hon. Pastor Jude Chukwunwike, that the Christian body will fully support him for second tenure.

Okonkwo, while fielding questions during a media chat at Ogwashi-Uku, pointed out that the council chairman through his policies within the past few years, has demonstrated unwavering interest in the general good of the communities he governs.

“When you get to him about the needs of a community, he responds positively”, said the Anglican Church leader.

Reiterating that resource mobilisation and equitable distribution are the essence of governance, the clergyman said that Chukwunwike has done tremendously well in the area of infrastructural development.

“He has done his best. He has performed. We want to encourage him to do more”, he said.

He described most of the projects carried out by the Chukwunwike-led administration as “a means to solving communities’ problems that would have become lingering issues”, stressing that a well-thought out project touches many lives, and has capacity to ameliorate the suffering of the people.

“By fixing the electricity poles that fell at Ubulu-Uku/Issele-Uku Road, he solved a lot of problems for the different quarters that were affected by the earlier light out. If he had left the people to contribute the money for the replacement of those poles, I am very sure that Ubulu-Uku won’t have light even by now.

“He is a compassionate leader who believes in doing something no matter how little to touch the lives of others. He has gone beyond the schedule to do the extras that made him a man of the people.
“I want to say it again that there’s no vacancy in the seat of Aniocha South Local Government chairman. Hon. Pastor Jude is fit for second tenure and I also know that we will throw our full weight on his reelection when the time comes. We urge him to seek a second term because we will surely support him” Ven. Okonkwo said.


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