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Work at Ubulu-Uku Central Motor Park enters finishing stage

Work at the Ubulu-Uku Central Motor Park has entered finishing stage.

The park which is first of its kind, according to the site engineer, Kadiri Lamidi, will be the authorized loading point at Ubulu-Uku where passengers traveling to Asaba, Agbor and Ogwashi-Uku will board vehicles.

Speaking with newsmen, Lamidi further explained that the park will also be the loading point for vehicles taking passengers going to Lagos and other states outside the southern parts of the country.

On when the project will be ready for commissioning, he said that “if not for the rains that is slowing down the drainage work, this place will be ready for use within two months.”

He described the council chairman as a good man who means well for his people.

With stalls and a standard seating arrangement, the park when commissioned for public use will cap the legendary footprints of the Chukwunwike-led administration at Ubulu clan


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