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Aniagwu lauds Oborevwori’s enthusiasm towards completing ongoing projects

Delta State Commissioner for Works (Rural and Riverine Roads) Mr Charles Aniagwu says Governor Sheriff Oborevwori was interested in completing all ongoing projects even as he embarks on new ones.

Aniagwu stated this on Thursday during inspection of ongoing and completed projects in Ika North East Local Government Area of the State.

The projects inspected include: Ute-Ogbeje – Otolokpo Road; Mission Road Akumazi-Umuocha; Ogboi – College Road Akumazi – Umuocha; Kingdom Hall /Obeh Road Umunede and Umunede – Owa-Alero Road and Umunede – Otolokpo Road, Ute-Okpu- Ute Enugu road and Ute – Erumu – Idumesah Road.

He commended engineers in the Ministry and contractors for ensuring that work on the various sites was in line with what was provided for in the Bill of Engineering Measurement.

He said that catch pit (borrow pits) have been provided for in most of the roads where there are no natural watercourse, adding that side drains could costs as much as 25 percent or more of road contracts but it serves the purpose of protecting the roads.

He said: “We are here on the directive of Gov. Sheriff Oborevwori to constantly interface with our contractors and am pleased that our engineers have also been on ground to continuously supervise the work

“The reason is that we want to ensure that the work is being done according to specifications and that our designs are not compromised.

“So far the engineers have been able to do their work creditably by ensuring that the contractors are conforming while areas that needed corrections are being remedied.

“The reason why we are continuing with this assessment is for us to have a much more realistic budget in line with the meaningful development that Gov.  Sheriff Oborevwori promised Deltans,”

The Works Commissioner said it was important to embark on the inspection in order to align the budget in conformity with current realities.

“If we don’t do this we may not know how to proceed with funding all these ongoing projects in 2024. So our visit gives us first hand information on the level of work done so far and to ascertain whether they have gotten to a level were work done need to be certified for them to be paid that percentage to enable them move to the next level.

“Having seen the level of work done in the different projects inspected, we will now go back to our books so that the ones we can activate payments in the 2023 budget we can do that to reduce our load in 2024.

“If you don’t certify and pay them in line with the 2023 budget provision, it becomes a huge burden in 2024.

“Hence we are appealing to the contractors to return to site now that the rains are gradually receding. For those who have been able to lay their binder we are hoping that they return to lay their wearing course so that that marks the end and completion of such projects,”

He expressed optimism that with the Governor’s enthusiasm in completing ongoing projects, a lot more would be achieved across the state.

“I am quite confident that with the enthusiasm that Governor Oborevwori has brought to bear in what we are doing, so much is going to be done in line with the M.O.R.E Agenda.

“The level of work done so far is very satisfactory and that projects are at the level where corrections can still be done,”

On the completed 11.3km Ute-Okpu – Ute-Owerri – Ute-Enugu Road with side drains, the Commissioner expressed satisfaction with the work done by the contractor, adding that the road would be inaugurated soon for the benefit of the people.

He said all the roads inspected criss-crossed various rural communities to link them up with their kits and kins in other communities.

The Commissioner said road networks was an important ingredient needed in developing nations to link the people and helping to evacuate farm produce to the markets.

“The level of work done so far are very satisfactory, the level where most of the contracts are, are areas where you can make corrections.

“But for the one that has been completed which is the 11.3km Ute-Okpu – Ute-Owerri – Ute-Enugu Road is well done by the contractor who also did the Ogume Road and the last time I checked that Road is still very much motorable.

“This means that we have been able to in the course of time grow some indigenous capacity in this number of contractors. Yes you may say to build a 5-star road you need a 5-star contractor but such contractors are not born from day one.

“It is in the course of doing one work after the other that you can graduate to doing 5-star contracts.

“These roads would help us to wake up the economies of these communities and we must appreciate the previous administration for seeing the need to first award these number of contracts and for the enthusiasm brought to bear by Governor Sheriff Oborevwori in containing with the construction work on these different projects.

“We hope that our engineers will continue to ensure that work specification meets the design as very clearly stated in our Bill of Engineering Measurement,” Aniagwu stated.


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