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Abia Governor, Otti lauds Oborevwori’s impactful leadership in Delta

Abia State Governor, Dr Alex Otti has commended his Delta State counterpart, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori for his people-oriented and impactful governance.

Governor Otti stated this yesterday when he received Governor Oborevwori and his entourage at his Umuru, Umuehim country home in Ehi Na Uguru Ancient Kingdom, Isiala Ngwa South Local Government Area of Abia State.

The Delta Governor and his delegation were in Abia for the funeral of late Ezinne Gold Egege, mother of Catherine Onyeme, wife of the Deputy Governor of Delta State, Sir Monday Onyeme.

Otti lauded Governor Oborevwori for the great work he was doing in Delta, especially in caring for the welfare of workers and the downtrodden in the society.

He said: “I want to thank you for the important things you are doing for Deltans, especially your care and love for human beings.

“It has come to my knowledge that you have set aside so much money in paying salary and pension arrears and even supporting struggling families.

“That is what governance is all about because each time governance moves from human being to some other things, you have failed as a leader.

“This is not about stomach infrastructure but a structured system to move people out of poverty and a system where people will have money in their hands to buy whatever they want.”

The Abia Governor said: “I didn’t know about the burial and little did I even know that our daughter is a wife of the deputy governor of Delta State.

“So I said if you are coming to Abia, just come, we will go together. But I was very happy to be there, that is what it is about, life is about relationships.

“So I want to thank you for the privilege, because you could have come in, attended the burial, and gone back and I will hear days later that you were here, but you are my brother you can’t come without letting me know.

“So I am happy that you are here, and I celebrate Ezinne that was laid to rest not too long ago for producing a wonderful Catherine Oyeme, who is the wife of Monday Oyeme the Deputy Governor, I also met him today.

“Even what I know about the choice of your Deputy Governor must be something that is well considered, all the story I hear is that he is very loyal, and I pray he remains loyal till the end.

“The truth is that it’s not an easy thing. If it was the Deputy Governor mother, yes, but the Deputy Governor wife’s mother, so if he hasn’t been what he is to you, you could have just sent a commissioner to represent you.

“But because you came in person, you redefined everything. If people have doubts before now I think those doubts have disappeared and you didn’t come alone, you came with Her Excellency.”

On his part, Governor Oborevwori appreciated his host for hosting the delegation saying, “When we go back, we will tell the story, that Abia is safe for investment.

“Having somebody that is an economist, knowledgeable with his beautiful wife, we know Abia is in safe hands. What you did today for us you may not understand.

“Delta State is one state where the people value relationships, and that is what you just established today.

“Ordinarily, you have been doing prayers, waiting for judgment, we just bumped into you, we already know that God has given you victory.

“When God says what he wants to do, He does it. He is not man, it’s God that gives power. God brought you at this particular time for certain reasons to see how you can lift the Abia people from the level it is now to another level.

“I thank you and your dear wife for accompanying us to attend the burial of the mother of my Deputy Governor’s wife. Staying with us, and now giving us lunch. For us to go to one restaurant to host all these people here wouldn’t have been easy. For this love you have shown us, we will reciprocate it.

“We will one day invite you to come to Delta and inaugurate projects because our agenda is M.O.R.E which is Meaningful Development, Opportunities for all, Realistic reforms, Enhanced peace and security and I know your dreams for the Abia people.

“We will invite you, host you, not only you but with Her Excellency so that we can spend time together. My wish is for you and the people of Abia state to have a successful tenure where the people will feel the impact of development, also peace, and I know peace will permanently return to Abia state”.


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