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SUPREME COURT VICTORY: UPU Congratulates Oborevwori, Calls For Support


SUPREME COURT VICTORY: UPU Congratulates Oborevwori, Calls For Support

The Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Worldwide has congratulated Delta State Governor, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori on his victory at the Supreme Court on Friday.

Speaking to journalists at a Press Conference held at the Urhobo Cultural Centre, Okere, Warri, Delta State on Sunday, President General of UPU, Chief Ese Gam while congratulating Governor Oborevwori, said; “the storm is over”.

The UPU also appealed to the opposition to sheath their swords, join hands and support Governor Sheriff Oborevwori led government to move the State forward.

According to him, “I use this opportunity to appeal and implore all our other sons from other political parties particularly the APC, SDP and Labour Party to come together and let’s reason under the UPU body so that we can be better equipped to assist our son and Executive Governor of Delta State, Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori.”

The UPU also congratulated the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, the All Progressives Congress, APC, the Labour Party, LP and the Social Democratic Party, SDP and others who contested the March 18, 2023 governorship election.

Chief Gam said since the election of the incumbent governor, Urhobo nation has been in tentacles. It has been so tensed, very disturbing. The most disturbing part of it, is that all the contending forces are all Urhobo sons. That’s the most disturbing part of it was not a fight between Urhobo ethnic body and any other nationality in Delta State. It was more or less an in-house fight.

“As a matter of fact, the UPU, Urhobo Progress Union, so many things had in mind, were put on hold after consultation with some stakeholders particularly, the traditional rulers.

“Now, I can say confidently that the storm is now over. If the storm is over, we can say too that this press conference is geared towards letting Urhobo nation to know that the cacophony or voices have been collapsed at this particular time.

“We now have a governor on record for four years, God willing, for eight years. If we cannot as an Urhobo body come together, get united in other to move Delta State forward, history will not forgive us.

“Why I say this is because the incumbent governor from the report sheet we are receiving started by hitting the ground running. All these stories about Julius Berger coming to Delta State are stories we never heard before.

“Only about two days ago, somebody said on Facebook that the present governor has not borrowed money to do anything. These are the things we never seen. So, no matter what happens, like I tell people except the Lord build, those who build, build in vein.

“This particular governor is branded and built by God. If not, like he said, he suffered 38 pre-election and post election cases. What can be more difficult than that?

“Having said that, I congratulate the governor. I congratulate all those who contested in the election. Both PDP, APC, Labour Party, SDP and all because they’re all our sons. We congratulate them.”

The UPU President further said; “it’s good for all to come together since the case at the Supreme Court has come to an end.

“In every contest, there must be a winner. There must be a victor. What we don’t want is a vanquish. I know the Governor has a large heart. He is not a punishment officer. So, I will on behalf of the UPU which is the umbrella body of the Urhobo Progress Union all over the world implore him and let him know that it is the God that he serves that put him there. It’s not by might. Bible says, provision does not come from the North, East, West or South. Rather, it comes from God and does not discriminate.

“You know the story of the prodigal son. Even after wasting the wealth of the father, he still came back. The father was the most joyous. Whoever, that comes, whoever that has decided to change his mind to work with this government, we beg the governor to accept such persons wholeheartedly without fear or favour, ill-will.”

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