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Mrs Oborevwori Fetes Special-needs Children, Appoints Ambassador for her Pet Project

As part of her 54th birth anniversary celebrations, the Wife of Delta Governor, Deaconess Tobore Oborevwori, has appointed Mrs Joy Okonjor as the first Ambassador of her pet project, You Matter Charity Foundation.

Mrs Okonjor, who is the founder of Joy in Africa Foundation for Special Needs in Asaba, was chosen as Ambassador due to her remarkable contributions towards providing a safe space for special-needs children suffering from conditions such as autism, mental retardation, speech and language impairment, physical disability, vision problem, cerebral palsy, or other learning and emotional disabilities.

During the investiture on February 9, 2024, Deaconess Oborevwori expressed her heartfelt concern for children living with such conditions and renewed her commitment to reaching out to them, which represents a significant part of her vision for setting up the You Matter Charity Foundation.

She encouraged Deltans to show their support for this vulnerable group of persons rather than excluding or avoiding them.

The Governor’s wife was impressed by what the founder of the center, Mrs Joy Okonjor, had achieved in 15 years and announced that she would be the first Ambassador of the You Matter Charity Foundation. She commended the founder for tenaciously staying with this noble vision.

In her address, the Mrs Okonjor expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the Wife of the Governor for remembering them. She narrated how, as a child, she had an abnormal growth that almost made her lose her speech ability and left her disfigured.

She said it was an Irish Priest that flew her abroad and paid for her surgery, and that one-third of her tongue was removed. The doctors said she would never be able to speak again, but miraculously, she was able to speak again.

Mrs Okonjor added as she grew old, she realized that what was done for her was needed to be done for others, hence the birth of the foundation which started with four children in 2009 and currently has 73 children with special needs.

The children were overjoyed and danced with the Governor’s wife while receiving various household gifts and financial support.

On her birthday celebration on February 5, Deaconess Tobore Oborevwori sent a delegation to the center, with tons of food items, while she was physically at Warri, celebrating with the elderly.

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