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Delta Orientation Bureau commences advocacy against moral decadence, dishonesty – Oghenesivbe

Delta State Orientation Bureau, DSOB, has confirmed plans to commence sensitization campaigns to emphasize the need for religious organizations, parents, schools and community leaders to collectively tackle the vexed issues of moral decay, dishonesty and lack of patriotism in our today’s fragile society

Head of Bureau, Dr Latimore Oghenesivbe on Tuesday said except we collectively and vigorously reverse the ugly trend of social vices occasioned by neglect of moral values, patriotism and honesty, Nigeria will continue to experience increased hostility, banditry, massive corruption, disrespect for constituted authorities and disservice to our state and country.

He noted that some parents practically and consciously assist and encourage their young girls in unholy acts of prostitution by funding their foreign trips to European countries with the sole aim of making money through Hocking of their bodies, while the boys are also encouraged to engage in criminal activities such as Advance Fee Fraud, otherwise known as Yahoo and human blood vitals for money.

Oghenesivbe said several confusions by victims of prostitution and other negative social vices points to the fact that some parents and important people in society helped in one way or the other to facilitate their unholy acts and conducts, adding that the time is ripe for all hands to be on deck to reverse the negative trend of moral decay.

He assured that the State Orientation Bureau will soon commence subtle and effective sensitization campaigns in traditional and social media, while urging parents, community leaders and heads of schools in the state to introduce measures that would impact moral values, patriotism and honesty on our children and students across board.

Oghenesivbe pointed out that the State Governor, Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori is deeply worried about growing moral decay and lack of honesty among youths who have taken to diverse criminal activities across the country, hence the need for the state orientation Bureau to take up the huge challenge of sensitizing Deltans on the urgent need to inculcate moral discipline and honesty for a better society.

“It is glaring that society is gradually sliding towards frightening moral decay occasioned by western acculturation and quest for luxury by teenagers and young people who ought to be in schools studying.

“They now termed education as a scam because of the Yahoo syndrome and other criminal activities like kidnapping, banditry, money rituals and several other negative vices.

“As a government, we cannot fold our hands and watch society degenerate into anarchy through the rapidly expanding level of criminality. Something must be done, and the State Orientation Bureau is soon commence advocacy on moral values, honestly and patriotism.

“Governor Oborevwori is very much in support of a stable, responsible and productive state where citizens are well focused, honest, morally disciplined and patriotic,” Oghenesivbe said

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