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By: Bayagbon Daniel

It is commonly said that government is a continuum. However, the reality of this common saying tends to be the opposite.

Every government in Nigeria initiates projects for the growth and development of the country, completing some, leaving many uncompleted.

Going by this common saying, it is expected that the next government takes over and completes projects inherited. But the reverse is often the case in some states or places in Nigeria.

One of the most common trend among new governments in Nigeria, is the tendency to initiate new projects and abandon those inherited from previous administrations.

There is no gain saying that all levels of governments from the Federal, States and Local governments are guilty of this.

Some governors or presidents want to start and finish their own projects and have their names on it. That is why they don’t want to invest in projects for which they might have to share the credit with their predecessors; a major reason this country is littered with abandoned projects.

Sadly, billions of naira sunk into these projects, often described as white elephant projects, go down the drain in a vicious cycle that has left the society as big losers.

In the right sense, toeing the line of continuity in government is the way forward, to achieving the growth and development needed in society.

Continuity is a vital part of governance, especially because it is almost impossible for any government to do everything that needs to be done, even in two terms.

But the Delta State Governor, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori has chosen a different approach of governance, to complete and put to use projects initiated by his predecessors to the overall interest of Deltans in particular and Nigeria in general.

Among key projects initiated by previous administrations and completed by Governor Sheriff is the main entrance access road to Dennis Osadebay University, Anwai-Asaba, with 500 and double 250-seater auditoriums, fully furnished faculty of Agriculture building, Administrative building and the vice chancellor’s lodge.

Others include the completion of more than 29 km network of roads with good drainage system around Madonna College road in Oshimili North and Oshimili South Local Government Areas respectively in Asaba, the almost completed Orere bridge In Ughelli South Local Government Area, the Adagbrassa – Ugolo and Emevor – Orogun roads, the Adagbrasa-Ugolo bypass 90% completed, the by-pass from Okan/Oha junction to the East-West road, the Ohorhe/Adagbrasa/Ugolo/Okuodiete bypass, Lower and Upper Erejuwa road in Warri South, to mention but a few.

Former President Goodluck Jonathan laid emphasis on the need and importance for continuity in government when he recently commissioned the Delta State High Court complex, Asaba, saying;

” There are some projects that are very fundamental to the growth and development of the state and it is expected that anybody who takes over government should continue with them and you are doing exactly that.

” I believe that if you go across the country today, this is one of the best judiciary headquarters in the country, this is an exemplary project and achievement,” he said.

While there is need for continuity in government, as partners in progress, citizens also have pivotal roles to play in lending support to the government for growth and development. Projects that are intended to bring development to states suffers whenever the people withdraw their support to the government thereby taking the state backward.

Continuing, he said: ” There are some people who believe that they must bring a government down for the purpose of politics, but when you are struggling to bring a governor or president down for the purpose of politics, you are bringing the state or country down.

” This is because the governor or president is sitting with public resources and everybody must encourage him to succeed and that is the only way we, as a nation can grow,” he concluded.

While thanking the former president for taking out time out of his busy schedule to join in the joy with the government and the people of Delta to inaugurate the High Court Complex, Asaba, Governor Sheriff reiterated his commitment to serve his people and consolidate on the achievements of previous governments, stating that he will strive to do more for the growth and development of the state as enshrined in his MORE agenda.

He said: “On behalf of the government and good people of Delta State, I thank you for your friendship, partnership, and sustained interest in the progress of our dear state and Nigeria in general.

“Of the three arms of government, only the judiciary was lacking a befitting office building. This motivated me to hasten the completion of this project. I am glad that today the narrative has changed for good. The implication, going forward, is that the cause of justice will now be better served for the greater good of all.

“As a government, we have taken steps to further ensure that our judges and associated staff not only operate in a conducive and enabling environment, but are also provided with the necessary tools that complement the functionality and prestige of their offices,” he concluded.

The state of art High Court edifice consists of five floors, six court rooms, six conferences halls, six witness waiting rooms, six holding cells, six Secretarial offices, two general conference halls, a ceremonial hall, Multi-Purpose Hall, lawyers’ lounge, library, Information Technology ( IT ) facilities, Internet access, e- filling and e-payment for services rendered, among others.

It is a befitting testament and demonstration of Governor Oborevwori’s commitment to. Continuity in governance. He definitely blazes the trail.

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