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2024: Izeze resumes office, says no room for time wasting

2024: Izeze resumes office, says no room for time wasting

Delta State Commissioner for Works, Highways and Urban Roads, Comrade Reuben Izeze on Tuesday resumed work at the Ministry’s headquarters in Asaba after the Yuletide celebrations.

In a brief chat with journalists who were visibly surprised, Izeze stated that he is following the lead of His Excellency Rt Hon Sheriff Francis Oborevwori, who did not only work up untill the last day of 2023, but has resumed office on the first working day of 2024.

He said: “Apart from my own work ethics, I believe that if anybody wants to succeed in anything they do, they must take the first day of work very serious.

“It doesn’t only help you to sober reflect on the previous year, it is also the best time for setting targets, and agenda for the new year, in line with His Excellency’s MORE Agenda and see how you can also use your team to drive that agenda to the benefit of Deltans, and to the Glory of God who gave us the privilege to see 2024.

Incidentally, as I was arriving at 8:25AM my Permanent Secretary, Engr Fred Edafioghor came in at the same time. That will tell you that there is a synergy between this office and the civil servants who work here.

“So I must commend my Permanent Secretary and Directors who also keyed into the vision of His Excellency for Deltans especially as it concerns the Ministry of Works, Department of Highways and Urban Roads,”

Izeze further said: Gov. Oborevwori on whose magnanimity, I am appointed to serve in this capacity, is very passionate about Deltans and would not condone any form of negligence in serving the interest of the people from anybody, especially those of us appointed to serve.

“Besides, the federal government only approved yesterday the first of January 2024 as public holiday, work has started and there is no time to waste.

“This is the best time to set the stage for a smooth implementation of the MORE Agenda of His Excellency. Every second counts in this new year, and I believe it is better to make hay while the sun still shines.

“I am hitting the ground running with all sense of seriousness, strategic planning, and efficient implementation of what is expected of me and my team and the entire squad of the Department of Highways and Urban Roads.

“We want to ensure that we clear up our tables before middle of the fourth quarter of this year God helping us.”

“His Excellency, a.k.a Mr Quality is a man of unbroken focus, hardwork and determination, whose goal is to deliver the dividends of democracy to Deltans through the MORE Agenda and the Governor is committed to this course with supersonic speed.

“2024 is a very promising year and by the grace of God Almighty, we shall put in the best to ensure Deltans feel the impact of unusual governance His Excellency is driving at this very critical time of our state economic and Infrastructural growth.

“The Governor has consistently reiterated his bond with Deltans, that the MORE Agenda is not a political slogan, but a social contract between him and Deltans, which must be delivered with top notch and unmatched excellence.

“I consider it a great, but very rare privilege for His Excellency to have appointed me to serve in this capacity, and I promise to discharge my duties effectively in accordance with the MORE Agenda, in the overall interest of Deltans.

“May I cease this opportunity to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year,” welcome to 2024, your year of renewed strength. Izeze stated.

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