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Less than 200 metres from the Dennis Osadebay University gate stood a bungalow,some footsteps,off busy Anwai Asaba -Ugbolu road. Next to the building laid a white cottage,now a wreckage of broken blocks,mangled steel and collapsed wood.A roaring bulldozer,with a high-reach boom arm,bearing four giant metal teeth,had just demolished the cottage under a blistering afternoon sun. Then the hydraulic machine slowly turned to the nearby bungalow adjacent to Dennis Osadebay University Minutes later,the building has crashed down,gone in unstoppable demolition. The motorised excavator headed somewhere else-towards a one-

By Fred Edoreh When I saw the video of the rich guy whose illegal building in the premises of Dennis Osadebey University, Anwai-Asaba, was marked for demolition, three things struck me. As a fellow human being, I sympathised with his loss, but I lost that sense of sympathy when I heard the arrogance of wealth in his words as he insulted the school and attempted to blackmail the government. Hear him: "This is my house. I have put over N100 million on it. I started building it

Delta State Government, Monday, commenced demolition of illegal structures built on lands belonging to Dennis Osadebay University, Anwai-Asaba. The properties built around Musa Camp area where demolished by the State Taskforce on Recovery of Government Lands led by its Chairman, Chief Frank Omare. The demolition of the properties followed expiration of notice issued to the illegal property owners to vacate the land. Speaking to journalists during the demolition exercise, Chief Omare who was flanked by members of the taskforce, said they were mandated by the State Government


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